Bathrooms should be a heaven of peace and tranquillity, somewhere that you can get ready for the day ahead or relax and unwind after the one before it.

Being one of the two rooms that sell houses we understand that is key to get it right. Your bathroom deserves to have time spent on it whether you are looking for new showers or even taps for an instant makeover, and whether you want complete bathroom suites or accessories to brighten the place up you need to come to us.

At Constructing Your House Ltd. we can offer just that. We can help you source anything you might need and our skilled trades will ensure that the final product will take your breath away.

Having a team of skilled tradesman, we can make any required plumbing issues, add any addition lights as well as put those tiles and underfloor heating that you have always dreamed off.

We would be glad to guide you in your journey to a new bathroom or en-suite, even if it's just a revamp of your existing one and to make it easier we can even supply your new bathroom furniture for you using brands that you trust. With us it is simple so why not give a call to Zibi on 07858570110 to discuss your bathroom makeover today.



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